Sat. May 28th, 2022

The penal code imposed on livestock legalized in the Somali regional state will be slaughter if the animals are found grazing in the cities of the Somali region. Cities in the Somali region are home to livestock owned by the poorest families in the region, whose households resell their dairy products.

This law allows the government to kill live animals without notifying the owners of the animals. This is the first time that a law has been enacted in the Somali region to punish livestock.
Authorities in Jijiga town slaughtered 60 sheep and goats in the middle of the city this week, without notifying the owners of the animals killed by the government.

In an interview with the BBC Somali Service, the mayor of Jijiga said that they had slaughtered more than 70 animals belonging to the people of Jijiga without any compensation from the owners of the animals slaughtered by the government.

Livestock rights advocates and residents of Jijiga town have expressed outrage over the government’s implementation of the law in the Somali region, which kills innocent animals who know neither the law nor the punishment.
In the Somali region, there are criminal cases and abuses against civilians who are arrested and their property looted without charge.
It is unfortunate that abuses against people are now compounded by animal abuse.

By Rasaas