Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Farah Kolley is a freelance journalist writes articles related to the Somali political affairs. This letter he has addressed to Johnnie Carson US Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs, Augustine P. Mahiga, UN special representatives for Somalia and Henry Bellingham the UK Under-Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Before jumping into the point of the article, we would like to gratefully acknowledge the genuine effort being made by the addressee of this essay, and sadly apologize any inconvenience they may encounter along the course.

To that end, we are writing this column to express our stand regarding the issue of the self-allotted term extension by the Somalia’s fragile government and/or legislators, and also their cynical opposition of the subject matter (the proposed conference to be held in Nairobi anytime this month).

However, in reference to the international standard of government, a legitimate government is one that can provide mutual defense for the fundamental rights for those to be governed, and that can deal with its own internal affairs with or without external assistance. Ironically though, after seven years of life-support by the international community through AMISOM, Somalia’s parliament and the government alike are unwisely giving themselves tenure extension! At the time, when what is at stake is bare survival or minimum liberty of its members against the very people they represent, let alone the rest of the country.

Therefore, to add our sermon into the discourse, the Somali intellectuals both at home and up-road are calling upon:
1.  The Somali parties, the frail parliament/government and tribe-based regional authorities such as Galmudug, Puntland, Somaliland, the newly announced ‘Azania’ in the south….), to unconditionally attend the upcoming Nairobi conference on April 12th 2011 which we believe will effectively iron-out and ultimately unravel the chronic conflict of the nation.

2.  The UN, US and UK in conjunction with other international partners, to use their economical leverage in bringing the beneficiaries together and broadening the participation scope for possible substitute, had anyone of those above mentioned groups decides not to attend. Since the Somali people are now prepared to bypass and no longer beholden to an inert structure of government or tribally oriented unitary antagonists.

Thank you all

Contact: Farah (Kolley)

By Rasaas