Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

December 26, 2008.  I am writing this letter regarding my father Mohamed Sirad Dolal. It has come to my attention that the organisation in which my father has been involved in for the last 30 years has started to attack him and his colleagues. Recently in Kenya, there was an assassination plotted against my father.The most shocking news regarding this assassination was not that of the Ethiopian organisation arranged this, but that his own people in particular Deane … wanted him dead!

Therefore I would like to know what exactly my father has done to cause such extreme reactions from his fellow ONLF members and also why certain ONLF members want him assassinated.

I would like any information regarding this matter from any body that belongs to the ONLF organisation to call me or email me as soon as possible, as I have no idea as to why the ONLF would want my father dead given that he has spent his whole adult life working for the freedom and justice of Ogadenia.

Please ONLF members remember the times where my father worked tirelessly for our cause and the many years of dedication that he has given to the Ogaden people. In addition are we not fighting for the same cause, the freedom of our people and country, what is the reason for our divide? There must be a reason as to why we are putting our energy on this fight amongst ourselves instead of to the people that are occupying our country. No one man can lead a country to freedom but together we can try, if we become united then our dream of a free Ogadenia can become true, if not for ourselves then for our children or grandchildren.

It is pointless arguing amongst ourselves and even worst to order the assassination of our own members. When we have not even achieved our objective of a free Ogadenia. The recent news that ONLF has become broken and divided upset me to the point of tears. I realise that problems can occur in such a large organisation, but I also believe that we can over come any difficulties as we believe in the freedom of our country. Once this dream is achieve then we can argue amongst ourselves.

I believe that no country can do without education and those that have it are priceless. Because the future of Ogadenia does not lie with the ONLF organisation but with its children and we as people need to education our children while we are alive. It is a waste of time to teach them how to fight with each other when they already know how.

Members of ONLF do not teach me how to fight with my fellow people but teach me how to deal with problems diplomatically and teach me how to show compassion for my fellow human being. The day will come , when Ogadenia is free, it might take many years and I might not live to see it. But I do know one thing the people of Ogadenia shall remember the day that ONLF members ordered the death of it own people. It surprise me as to what intention these so called ONLF members have, because I do not think that killing your own people is benefiting Ogadenia.

Yours Faithfully

Miss Sagal Dolal

By Rasaas