Sun. May 22nd, 2022

F. Kolley,  member of the Somali Ethiopian Diaspora community addressed letter to the prime minister of Ethiopia H.E Meles Zenawi, Follow-up to the skirmishes in Yo’ale town.TO:  H.E. Mr. Meles Zenawi, The prime minister of Ethiopia

Follow-up to the skirmishes in Yo’ale town.

Your Excellency,

At the onset, on behalf of the Somali-Ethiopian Diaspora, I would like to convey my upmost gratitude to you and the government in action for your combativeness to prevent or at least minimize the impact of the worst draught in decades that swept through the entire east Africa regions. I would also like to express my deep affection about the economical evolution in Ethiopia that may one day banish the country from the aid recipient column to a donor nation status.

Now to the subject matter,

Your Excellency, over the course of past week, there have been countless spates of distortive accusation against the Ogaden people in general, and the authority of that region in particular, generated by uneducated, self-styled politicians and/or intellectuals on the other side of border. Those allegations are referenced, but not limited to, the latest skirmishes in the town of Yo’ale in Dhegahbor district, and the decisive action (the arrest and imprisonment of the perpetrators) that followed in the aftermath of the incident by the authority of the region, in accordance with the law of the land.

However, although “shit happens”, this was the direct effect of a widespread perception retained by some of the Somali people regardless of their geographical locations, in Ethiopia, Somalia or Kenya, that says “using anti-ONLF race card will enhance your stand or interest with Ethiopia successfully ”. Perhaps, that is why certain groups within and outside the Somali region in Ethiopia always prefer to bypasses their immediate administration or counterpart and tries to deal with the federal government; or some of them even sought to take away from the region a multi-tribal town that they may be the least in number; while others ironically tie up Ethiopia’s interest as far distance as the port of Kismayo in southern Somalia, in  order to promote their unachievable daydreams!

Your Excellency, despite knowing all these provocative plot, yet, without a fear or favor we believe harmonious coexistence, and we firmly stand with the autonomous policy you spearheaded, as long as it meets the international standard, with power truly divided between central government and its territorial subdivisions, where dealing such episodes {the above mentioned one and alike} is solely reserved for the individual authorities of each region, especially those with established historical relations within a territory. With that in mind, we also unequivocally oppose any trespass, division, or historical distortion to the territorial integrity of the Ogaden region by any neighbor-tribe, who knowingly wants to exploit this region with a fakery scapegoat of Ogaden rebellion. An experiment that is not new, but has never succeeded in the past nor will it ever in the future because of the historical and practical veracities, despite persistent rehearsal of such baloney.

In conclusion, your Excellency, the Somali-Ethiopian Diaspora, or the well-wishers may I add, hereby attest that we’ll remain engaged in working with you for the better provided that we are not clapping with one hand.

Thank You!

Farah H Noor (Kolley)

By Rasaas