Time of Change and Challenge Destitute in Ogaden


garrbo0.1Jijiga, July 13, 2013 – Mothers and children starving in the Nogob region need internal combat action and external financial support to save infants and elderly dying malnutrition.

It’s not fair in the modern world to watch out only starving people in the Ogaden region those live conditions below the poverty level. In many times Ethiopian officials made statements justified the hunger in the Ogaden region cause by the rebels those blockage food passages and business.

Three years ago, two function rebels operated in the Ogaden were signed a peace agreement with government. One function led General Osman which incapable any threat attack to the administration is limited in abroad with no active role in the region except Internet propaganda.

Starvation in the Ogaden is blaming the Ethiopian government, which are not doing enough responsibility to reach out people. Previously, it used rebels as a tool of propaganda defending its irresponsibility.

No roads, no water running, no schools, no basic health, no employment, so what is the government doing. One travel made the president of the region costs budget of two regions in fiscal year.

Permanent false promise will not stop infants dying for malnutrition, premature pregnant caused the lack of health facilitating for mother’s antenatal and postnatal.

Persist hunger and poverty will not disappear itself, unless the government takes decisive actions reducing widespread destitute gripping in the region.

Nogob region is the worst one under destitute among the nine region of the Somali state. Having good luck, pregnant mothers and infants living in the Nogob-related districts eat a dry meal once in 24 hours.

Unfortunately, Nogob endogenous diasporas have no followed or may have no awareness what is going on home back and the livelihood condition of their families. In Fact, there is no security threatening from the government or opposition rebel and people from other regions have been visiting their families.  If the government missed its obliged responsibility for caring people, it may not comparison level, but Nogobi diasporas have no feeling for filling the dangerous gap.