Sat. May 21st, 2022

Jijiga, July 23, 2013 – It is a good sign of boosting confidence and trust building with the diasporas keen on returning into their region, after concluding in years of bitter conflict and hardship life harassed with the Somali state of Ethiopia.

Jijiga is the main city of the Somali state of Ethiopia. Its residents enjoy peace atmosphere with good business that attracted thousands of  investors from the outside of the region.

Major investors are diasporas; those are contesting in buildings for hotels, malls and attempting to invent new business in here preferring commercial activity than the countries they come from. The second group of investors emigrated from the Ethiopian highlands for preferring business in Jijiga considering that here are better chances of making money than their regions. The third group investing at Jijiga came from the neighboring countries, particularly from Somalia.

The major Ethiopian banks and insurers have branches in Jijiga to facilitate customers and trap the huge cash flow circulating in and to simplify smooth running business activities here in the Somali state of Ethiopia.

In every year, the government spends on development projects in millions of dollars. Most of these projects award to the local contractors to complete in fast. Outflow cash methods incurred for spending to increase economic growth include projects, paying in the government employees and financing new associations to create income sources for poor families. Corruption is one of the faultfinding expenditures flow out in the form of  bribes that occasionally destabilize the market prices.

The main supply markets of the commercial commodities to the Jijiga are Tog Wajale the border town through the semi-autonomous of Somaliland.

This time, there is no threat for security the region, due to the severely diminished the opposition militia activities.. The special police [Liyu police] present in every corner in the region, they fought the opposition militia that was obstacle development.

Ethiopia had planned for the next decades it should eradicate history of begging and poverty.  Government officials attend in international economic conferences meet shame full being of disposal of aid food.

By Rasaas