Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

_40553333_aweis2203Mogadishu, June 27, 2013 – Hassan Dahir Aweys leader a function of Al Shabab terrorist group forced unconditional surrender to his clansmen, while his function eliminated in Barawe fighting.
Once he was the most powerful Somali Islamist groups’ leader and Godfather of terrorist Al qaeda functions operate in the horn of Africa Al Shabaab. It surprisingly has seen him sitting cross-legged and chairing in a cheerful discussion meeting between his clansmen at Adado district in the central region of Somalia without fear.

Ximin and Xemb administration welcomed Hassan Dahir encircle, frankly, with smiled face and respect as an elder Somali clansman. Hassan Dahir always has enjoyed a large support from his clansmen and without them, terrorist group would never be advanced to Somalia.

Ximin and Xemb administration has supported to the current government headed by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who has enjoyed a countless support from the western countries; he may will face a real challenge.  The speaker of President Hassan told the media the government welcomed to Hassan Dahir from coming out of the circle of Al Shabab. The announcement seems a tactical policy until it confirms getting in hands or could be it scares to lose the support from the central region of two states.

Clearly, Hassan Dahir always was in the terrorist list since 2001, and some while ago America had paid money for his capture that erupted fight between TFG led Abdullahi Yusuf and Islamic court led by Hassan Dahir that later attracted Ethiopian invasion to Somalia in 2006. American navies at Somali coasts have mandated to watch Islamist terrorist figures hiding in the horn of Africa, including Hassan Dahir. It’s impossible forgiveness to Hassan Dahir and beside sentencing America’s individuals for money laundering to Al Shabab. For the next following days, it will hear in a different news about the freedom of Hassan Dahir Aweys.

Hassan Dahir started terrorist activities in early 1980s, while he was colonel in the Somali army of Mohamed Siad Barre regime, then, he had jailed for suspension involvement of Islamist movement.

He had a major responsibility for the long Somali civil war that clans engage revenge attack on people to people instability, insecurity and brought to remain the country failed state.


By Rasaas