Sat. May 21st, 2022

OromiaWe have learned that our regular transmission on ArabSat has been interrupted as of 04:38:00 GMT this morning. This is following the blocking of our website since May 2, 2014 in Ethiopia. It is worth noting that the Ethiopian government is notorious in blocking and jamming alternative media outlets, and violently silencing critical journalists.

The OMN Satellite TV broadcast, the first of it’s kind serving the Oromo people and their neighborhood, has been airing original contents produced under strict guidance of journalistic ethics.

We would like to reassure our audience that OMN will be back on air very soon. Our staff and management are working hard to find a solution for this blockage. In the meantime we kindly ask our audience to be patient with us and follow our transmissions on social media via YouTube and Facebook as we will continue to produce reports and original programs uninterrupted. Finally , we call up on our audience to renew their resolve to sustain the OMN initiative.


Girma Tadesse,

Executive Director

By Rasaas