Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

TheStarJune 15, 2014 – Police in Meru are investigating the real cause of disagreement between two men in their mid twenties who fought each other with pangas leading to the death of one and leaving the second critically injured.

Confirming the murder incident Imenti North Police Boss Tom Odero said further investigations will prove whether the two disagreed over a football match between Spain and Netherlands on Friday night where Spain was thrashed 5-1.
Revelers at the local pub in Gitimbine estate where the two were watching the game said the two men were drunk and exchanged words as the game progressed.
“They had made a lot of noise during the game, they looked like street boys who were in the wrong place or either seeking attention from the revelers”, said an eye witness.
The witnesses further said the two were chased from the bar and once outside they went behind the building where they started exchanging blows and in a moments time they drew pangas and started slashing each other.
“Each of them seemed to be supporting a different team. When the guy who was supporting the Spain team saw that Netherlands had scored many goals he frequently insulted his colleague and when the insults became unbearable they decided to sort their differences physically and they were thrown out of the pub”, said an eye witness who refused to be named.
Once out, they slashed each other and one of them succumbed to the injuries on the spot whereas his colleague was rushed to hospital by police who were called after the game was over.
While withholding the names of the victims for the purpose of further investigations into the matter, Odero said information pointed that the two could have been street boys who had disagreements over their sleeping space.



By Rasaas