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siraanyoAugust 20, 2013 — The President of Somalia’s separatist administration of Somali land, Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo lifted a ban on Hubaal newspaper on Sunday. Speaking to the media, after a joint meeting held at Somaliland presidential palace in Hargeysa and attended by Somali land President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, Information Minister Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir and State Minister for Presidency Hirsi Ali Haji, Civil Society organizations and Somali land Media officials, President Silanyo offered a presidential pardon to the banned newspaper’s manager Mohamed Ahmed Jama and its Chief-in-Editor Hassan Abdullahi Hussein and officially informed the staff of Hargeysa based weekly newspaper to continue the publication of the newspaper.

‘My government is ready to respect the freedom of speech but we have to together safeguard our interests,” said President Silanyo. Hargeysa court imposed ban on the work of Hubaal newspaper on July 3 and it was charged with generating tensions between Somali land and Ethiopia.

On the other hand, in a press statement released by Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) on Monday, the association welcomed the president’s decision and hailed it as a bold move.

Journalists and media institutions in Somaliland which predominantly compose of weekly newspapers have been complaining about harsh treatment and massive crackdown by Somaliland authorities since Silanyo came to power in June 2010.
Source:Garowe Online

By Rasaas