Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Ethiopia-army-or-AlshababPresident Hassan’s government has failed. There is little doubt or debate remaining on this. Much more painful is the fountain of hope from the Somali people that had dimmed as a direct result of Mr. Hassan’s failed leadership. There is hardly anything one can point to, where this President has moved the needle even a bit, but the President has accrued a litany of failure everywhere.

Of this President’s unsurpassed ability to crush every opportunity, none is more lethal or more horrifying and undignified than his incredible naivety and advocacy (not against) but for the reoccupation of Ethiopia in Somalia. If the original sin of former President Yusuf’s allowance of Ethiopian molestation of Mogadishu and the untold suffering that followed is unforgivable as it was so avoidable and unnecessary, President Hassan’s recent advocacy on behalf of Ethiopia and Ethiopian army’s” re-hating” under AMISOM is unthinkable, unacceptable and traitorous. Mr. Hassan’s Presidency is now as appropriate and holy as the presence of occupying Ethiopian or Kenyan army in Somali. It follows then, the removal of either and all is likely to be seen as the birthright of any self-respecting Somali man or women, by any means necessary.

Subsequently, Al-shabab’s recruitment has just gotten easy and plenty. As much as Somalis dislike this young and ill-informed terrorist youth group, an occupying Ethiopian army is disliked far more, for a simple reason: no group of people have more Somali blood in their hands, not even the colonial governments of the past – and no state or entity anywhere in the past, now or in the future – want to dismember Somalia than Ethiopia. Simply stated the Ethiopian engagement in Somalia is and was always written in blood. It appears Ethiopia is thirty for more Somali blood. It is now a matter of whether Somalis should die as necessary for self-defense as they did so courageously not long ago or die slowly and lowly under Ethiopian occupation. The option Somali people will opt for is self-evident and I’m predicting Al-shabab’s numbers will mushroom soon, especially if Ethiopia’s army goes deeper into Somalia. Why AMISOM would have taken this chance is behind me.

For its part, Ethiopia of course continuous her hell- bent cause, lately jointed by Kenya, on helping establish weak and fragmented client state led by a favorite idiot in which Addis Ababa and Nairobi would jointly call the shots. No one was expecting President Hassan to create from a thin air a united and reinvigorated Somalia given the animalistic tribal attitude among Somalis, but neither did we expect him to be a thoughtless man who so easily wanting to sell the country and its past for so little. Independent-minded Somali leaders everywhere will now join anyone willing to oppose this atrocious act; and either Ethiopia will have to withdraw or this illegitimate government must be sunk. A third alternative is scarcely available or acceptable.

Everyone knew Ethiopia was in Somalia, illogically and illegally, and its army will continue to be in Somalia till its sons and daughters can reinvent themselves and they will – but why legitimize on us this illegitimate enemy army now?

I have no doubt Somali history will be very unkind to Mr. Hassan but we don’t have to wait history to judge his pathetic leadership. Where he needed to take what he could, given our troubled recent tribal history, the President was blinded by unrealistic wants. Where he needed to understand opponents and disarm them, he stoked fears; and where he was needed to bring disunited people together, the President weakened linkages. Worse of all, he has surrounded himself with ill-informed yes men who could not see beyond their nose, taking the country back to the uncivil 1990’s. Of all things, we now have a new government made-up of 55 member cabinet – 55! As if this is not enough, many of the new ministers are the barbarians of yester-years. And now Ethiopia is part of a “legitimate” African force in Somalia. Why not just sell the country plainly on the auction block instead?

All Somalis have lost under this President’s leadership. But particularly one group of Somalis has lost the most while another gained ill-gotten power. The first is a fair assumption, the majority of Somalis who want two seemingly unattainable gains: a strong Somali government that can protect them from the Ethiopians of the world without returning to the bastard dictatorship of Said Barre. This group has lost the most. With the formation of Juba administration and the Baydhabo process, federated Somalia is now almost complete. Mind you, it is not a question of whether one governance system is good or bad, but the absence of deep and communal discussion on a matter as important as determining our people’s future as a nation. As a person among these Somalis with a legitimate discomfort and concerned with the unabashed and tribally based excitements for Federalism and someone with some depth of understanding of our civil war history on which some of these issues rest upon, under this President – our voice has weakened. Mr. Hassan has robbed us any moral standing left on behalf of a stronger, but decentralized State. On the hand, those incensed with federalism have won, illegitimately I must add, because a government that does not represent our interest has given away our rights without due process.


Source: Somalicurrent

By Rasaas