Somalia: Ethiopian Forces in Baidoa Town Detain Two MPs


Baidoa, Apr 25, 2012 [ras] – The reliable news sources from the southern Somali town of Baidoa said on Wednesday that Ethiopian forces have arrested two Somali lawmakers after allegedly accused of opposing for making a regional state.

Sheik Aden Mohammed Nur known as Aden Madobe and Mohammed Ibrahim Habsade, the two legislators were detained by the Ethiopian troops from their houses in the town and then they were airlifted to a jail at the border between Somalia andEthiopia.

Sheik Aden Mohammed Nur, former Somali parliament speaker, Mohammed Ibrahim Habsade, former Minster of transport for TFG have been on tour in Bay and Bakol regions of Somalia after both Somali and Ethiopian forces captured that regions from Al shabab militants.

Some reports confirm that the MPs have been transferred to another prison in Addis Abbaba, the capital of Ethiopian. A lawmaker close to the speaker whom Shabelle Media contacted on the phone to know more the issue of the MPs denied the arrest report.

Ethiopian has sent again its troops and tanks into Somali last year to help TFG war on Al shabab fighters, capturing several strategic areas in south and central regions of Somalia.

Source: Allafrica