Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

A severe shortage in provisional employees is undermining the administration’s attempts to deliver enough services to the public, which has been existed over years. In every level of jobs, there is the wide range of gaps for provisions and without training professional people to deliver services in need, the Somali region will remain in backward and economic dissolution.

The autonomous administration has sent scholarship 120 students educating in health as doctors at national university of Jimma since last three years. It’s unknown how many other students have got the scholarship to study necessary professional subjects needs in our state.

Thanks to the current administration for understanding the social problems of the Somali state of Ethiopia, which is lacked of Manpower provisions. People in the region complaint unemployment, when a lot of jobs need to fill in the region from blue collar to the white-collar jobs. To give skills and technical training to the young people will increase availability of professional Manpower and reduce poverty caused by unemployment in the Somali state.

Surprisingly, engineering and other jobs at the Somali region give to people from Ethiopian highlands, while young inhabitants are unemployed. Many local graduates are unemployed, because they do not have work experiences. And the government has no planned programmers preparing to young people for opportunity jobs. Offer for job placements to the young unemployed at companies such as; telecommunications, electricity; banks and airlines will produce enough skilled Manpower.

I heard that these kinds of jobs were not allowed to train in and give it to the Somali people due to the Ethiopian mistrusts to the Somalis in the past. Unfortunately, It discriminated and offered all these jobs to people from Ethiopian highlands. Though a peaceful atmosphere over the region and admin by Somalis to the Somali state still a monopoly employment exists in these institutions are unveiled.

In every region in a country, employment opportunity priority belongs to the inhabitants. Somali region of Ethiopia should work for the people  to eradicate poverty and illiteracy to boost economic development.

Ethiopian state’s in the case of employment opportunity gives first jobs to its people.

However, in Somali region give staffing priority to the individuals from other states that will be weakened eradicating the poverty throughout the region and slum economic growth.


By Rasaas