Somali Regional State Special Force Killed on Raid 50 Bandit


News reaching from Jijiga says the special force of the Somali regional state [well known new police], killed 50 bandits in action this morning at Galalshe area.

The central head quarter of the new police, announced this morning their forces attacked a pocket of bandits hiding at Galalshe area in Fik region. The new police said that they had killed 50 gunmen and captured 7 alive.

Daahir Dheere, commander of the new police told that the bandits were not ready when the raid took place. The captured gunmen told that they have crossed recently from the Somaliland border at end of April. These gunman killed World Food Programme [WFP] staff on May 13, while the staff were driving to Fik zone.

According to the Police head, the bandits led by Somali General Mohamed Omar Osman, who get weapons and ammunition from Eritrea , an enemy of Ethiopia. The bandits attempt to disrupt the free movement of people and goods in the Somali regional state and sabotage UN food aid through the drought affected areas.

Mohamed Omar Osman is a British national and receives a weekly pension from British tax payers. He is in charge of the bandits killed, injured and abducted world food programme staff and other civilians.

The WFP stopped its work in the Somali region [ogaden] temporarily and yesterday announced it will resume partial work.