Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Offenburg, Apr 1, 2012 [ras] – A meeting held at the headquarter of the Somali regional administration ruling part had announced on Thursday the dismissal of the two deputes president.

Mr. Aden Farah was a vice president and minister of industries and urban development; he lost both jobs. Mr. Ahmed-deep Mohamed was also vice president and minister of economic development and finance, now he lost two positions and dismissed from part membership.

The meeting also was appointed new vice president to be Abdulahi Yusuf Werar, his second job is the head of security and justice.

The cabinet committees of the Somali regional ruling part session held at Jijiga was about an appraisal of the cabinet members.

The committees’ evaluation found out that the two deputes were failed to achieve the working targets and deliver to the public promised services, both ministers under score the evaluation level and expectation offices they held.

State jobs in the Somali region are unsustainable and its hard employees to maintain long term jobs. People in the region blamed uncertainty jobs the lack of employment law.

By Rasaas