Sat. May 28th, 2022

pministerMOGADISHU, Somalia — The Somali Parliament on Saturday approved the appointment of the new prime minister, Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed, who is expected to lead the government for the next three years.

The Somali president, Hassan Sheik Mohamud, nominated Mr. Ahmed, a Somali-Canadian, after lawmakers forced out the former prime minister in a no-confidence vote.

Mr. Mohamud said he was confident that the new prime minister could strengthen Somalia’s political institutions and lay the groundwork for democratic elections by 2016. The speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, said that 239 of the 243 lawmakers present voted in favor of the appointment.

In a statement, Mr. Ahmed assured lawmakers and the Somali people “that I will form a capable government to move this country forward and to a better future.”

The statement added that his government would honor existing international legal agreements and would strengthen Somalia’s relationships with neighboring states.

The special representative of the United Nations secretary general for Somalia, Nicholas Kay, congratulated the new prime minister on his appointment.

Mr. Kay said that 2014 would be “a pivotal year in Somalia’s progress towards peace and prosperity,” and he added that the United Nations mission in Somalia would continue to support the government’s “peace- and state-building efforts.”

He praised Mr. Ahmed’s plans to “consult widely in forming his new cabinet” and “to establish a broadly inclusive government capable of delivering rule of law, good governance and public services.”

Many analysts believe that the new prime minister faces many tough challenges, including fighting terrorism and corruption and building a reliable financial sector.

By Rasaas