Sun. May 22nd, 2022

The coastal tiny country in the horn of Africa had been enjoyed in a peaceful atmosphere and oral democratic rule of one party, since it gained independence from the French June 1977.

For thirty-five years, country got only two presidents. Hussein Guled Abtidon was elected as a first president of Djibouti in 1977, he held on the presidential office since 1996, while he could not run the office for ill health age. Mr. Abtidon left the Office Ismail Omar Guelleh [his nephew]  without holding election.

The current and the second president of Djibouti Ismail repeatedly renovated his position for every four years without holding a proper election. Mr. Guelleh removed a constitutional article opposed him holding the president Office at a certain age. Removing that article, he had got legal consent of being president of his country without the age barriers as did as the last leader of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.

Mr. Guelleh obstacle was inauguration opposition against his one-party rule; those groups got support from the western countries; Mr. Guelleh was forced him to allow a multiparty system for the last election.

The philosophy of dictatorship not to accept losing power, whatsoever, the recent election in Djibouti, obviously winners were the opposition parties; an unfortunately Mr. Guelleh had followed a formula for typical dictatorship and denied the victory of the opposition and his people.

Massive demonstrations went through the capital and the towns in the country. To hide the truth of the peaceful demonstration, Mr. Guelleh used excessive forces and hunt down demonstrators, opposition supporters and arrested opposition leaders, he fueled the situation using Janda marine forces and Somali mercenaries.

President Ismail Omar Guelleh had been involved in the Somali crisis, since it started the Civil war and nobody could predict Mr. Guelleh involvements for that time. Mr. Guelleh had hidden agenda that reached on stage of ripped, sending his troops to the southern regions of Somalia without permission of UNISOM though IGAD legitimized later. Mr. Guelleh brought 17 tycoons from the Southern Somalia to Djibouti in 2007,  to invest here. He established committees lobbied for the Somali political propaganda campaign.

Djibouti decedent in the country and exiled people are decrying that they are losing their properties and land by giving the President Guelleh to the Somali business people bring to Djibouti. The Jabuuti constitution posed that the foreign individuals to acquire land and property without holding proper Djiboutian identity card.

Djibouti and people claiming that Mr. Guelleh brought hundreds mercenaries troops from the Southern Somalia those brought in Djibouti in different dates  to defend on his interest and oppress Djibouti decedent. These  troops had participated for killing in innocent people demonstrated legally oppressed system.

The Djiboutian decedents and opposition leaders worried bout mercenaries coming into the country they are sending a chilly message to the involved groups and ailing Somali government, especially in the southern regions of Somalia to stop interfering with internal affairs of Djibouti and supporting the dictatorship Guelleh. Mr. Mahdi a member of exiled opposition based in London said, “Mr. Guelleh ‘playing game’ making untrue tribal propaganda mobilizing southern Somalia to stay in a presidential office for longer.

By Rasaas