Sat. May 28th, 2022

An informal meeting between Britain prime minister David Cameron and Mr Siilaanyo of Somaliland autonomous of Somalia  held at lobbying hall in the house commons yesterday afternoon. 

Yesterday was a moaning day for the british people for the burial of Margaret Thatcher, who was the prime minister of Britain 1979 – 1992. It was a debate day for the house of commons, but cancelled for the burial of Thatcher.


Margaret Thatcher was dead one week ago to give chance leaders want to give respect and attend the funeral congressional the government delay one week for the burial.

Mr Siilaanyo president of autonomous Somaliland of Somalia and his foreign minister have british nationality and their family living in London. Before the autonomous of Somaliland refused attending Somali national conference holding in London on May 7, 2013.

Britain insisted Somaliland to attend the conference. Mr Siilaanyo is a witty man and got chance for the death of Margaret Thatcher he asked David Cameron to attend Thatcher funeral.

After funeral service David Cameron had attended House of commons to meet people waiting the lobby room of the house of commons among Siilaanyo and his foreign minister.

Mr. Siilaanyo asked David Cameron he does not want to attend Somali conference, but David Cameron told him that it is important to attend the conference which hold Somali nationals.

Mr. Siilaanyo with no other option but he told Somali TVs based in London they have reached agreement with David Cameron about attending Conference.


By Rasaas