Wed. Jun 29th, 2022
Dr.M.S Dolal 1954 – 2009

It has come round again, the second anniversary of my father’s assinsstion and it is hard to image that we have lived two years without locating his body. The huge effort to find my father’s remains still continues and I hope the people responsible will change their minds and tell us where to find him. It is ironic that by hiding his body they thought that we would not look, when in fact if we had been able to bury him we would not have fought so hard to find out what had happened. Mohamed Omar Osman and his minions thought that by getting rid of their political rival they would have full control of the ONLF, politics is a dirty game but the people of Ogadenia are not stupid, they know the people that have their best interest at heart. One thing good has come out from all this tragedy is the peace talks between ONLF and Ethiopia. The people have spoken and finally they are being heard so hopeful there will be a future for Ogadenia after all.

We are finally at the stay of peace in Ogadenia and the conflict between Ethiopia and Ogadenia will at last be put to rest. There comes a point when one has to accept the things that happen in one’s life and look forward to the future. Ogadenia has a bright future now thanks to the efforts of the people and the ONLF. We can now start to look at ways to build our self-esteem as a nation and think of the people that sacrificed their lives so that one day there would be some peace. It is now up to all of us to work together as one to support and restore Ogadenia so that it becomes a home for all of us. The Ethiopian government has to support the people of Ogadenia and understand that it is in both our interests to make this agreement work. There are many that have used the plight of the Ogadneia people for the own gains and will not allow peace to occur, however the Ogadenia people and the Ethiopian government must not let this happen. We must remember the courage that we Ogadenias have and work towards a safe and peaceful Ogaden.

The brutal murders and violence that Mohamed Omar Osman and his followers are doing to the people of Ogadneia needs to stop and we must stand against this. The Ogaden people have asked for peace and stability, they need our help and support to build a future for Ogadenia. The Ethiopian government needs to acknowledge its new relationship with the Ogaden people and the ONLF. The hard work starts to begin now and planning how Ogadenia is going to be built needs to be the priority of the Ethiopian government and the ONLF. I find it peculiar that Mohamed Omar Osman can dictate the future of Ogadneia when he has never set foot in it. The people of Ogadenia are sick and tired of the lies of Mohamed Omar Osman and his herds, they just want to be able to live there life and not have to worry about their kids been killed because they just went outside. They want to work and look after their families and build homes for themselves. These are the things that Mohamed Omar Osman and his herds do not have to worry about; they live in Europe where they have access to food, shelter and education. To understand what the Ogadneia people are going through maybe he should go and take a look, talk to the people and ask they what they want rather than forcing his ideology on to them. In addition the sub-clan cleansing of Mohamed Omar Osman need to stop and there is no way to do this if Ogadenis do not stand against this injustice and fight for the peace and freedom that the ONLF has been fighting for such a long time. The people of Ogadneia have to come to an agreement between themselves and it is not I that need to agree on the future of Ogadenia, but the people that actually live there. Ogadenia has been in conflict with Ethiopia for over a century and many people have died for the cause. However it is the people of Ogadenia that have to suffer the injustice of Mohamed Omar Osman and the ONLF has brought peace and stability to the region, therefore why does he object to the peace agreement between the ONLF and Ethiopian. Why, because he does not want Ogaden people to have peace, infrastructure, and education? He is more interested in his notion of democracy and freedom, to kill anyone that stands in your way. This is terrorism he is inflicting on us and it must come to an end soon. Any followers that he has will diminish as they are only with him for what they can get out of him. We must all work together to get rid of this cancer that has infected our nation for so long. I know that the people that have died for this cause have not died in vain and we will remember them for many years to come. There is no-one more powerful than the person that is telling the truth, it might take a while for others to accept it but eventually it is the truth that will set as free. Like they say ‘Rome was not built in a day’ and Ogadenia will not be built in a day, it will take time and effort for many decades to come and still there will be more work to be done, as there are many people that want Oagden to failure. Ogadenia is part of Ethiopia and the ONLF has agreed that peace for the people is what it fought for. Therefore the Ogaden people have to choose their own destiny and the future of their country and not let Mohamed Omar Osman create conflict between brothers.

At this present time there is a drought in Ogadneia and this is causing problems for the pastoral community of this region, we need to find solutions to our collective problems and not waste time in arguing between ourselves like children. Those that do not want to have peace and stability in Ogadenia then you need to find somewhere else to live, it is not fair on the majority that want to live a life of peace and raise their families in their native home. The conflict between Ogadenia and Ethiopian has reached a conclusion and depending on the Ethiopian governments support of the Ogadenia people the agreement of ceasefire between the ONLF and Ethiopia will stand as long as there is peace and stability for the people of Ogadenia. It is early days, but I hope that Ogadenia becomes stable enough for us to return home.

We will support the Ogaden people in their time of need and no-one will stop us form succeeding, the likes of Mohamed Omar Osman and Abdirahman Mahdi will not stop us reaching our goals. It becomes personal when the ambitions of these men are achieved at the expense of our people. My father was an avid believer in the people’s power to create change. It is this power in the Ogaden people that makes me believe that eventually we will succeed. The Ogaden people are famous for their determination and endurance; it will take these talents to bring about change in the region. Each year a page turns and we get stronger, our resolve to get justice for my father and the numerous men that Mohamed Omar Osman killed for his own ambitions grows by the day. I’ve written several articles published in Somali web-sites for the sole purpose of keeping the Somali community updated so that they do not believe the propaganda of Mohamed Omar Osman. This horrific crime that had been committed needs not to be forgotten by us Ogadenis, we must keep the pressure on these men and stop their terrorism on our people. It is imperative to get justice for my father; not getting justice for my father is like supporting those who had been responsible. In addition I support the ONLF’s efforts to build a more peaceful and more stable region for our people. My main aim at the moment it to find the remains of my father’s body. Finding his remains will officially confirm that my father is no longer alive. Many would say that it is not necessary to confirm his death; however we need to keep looking and hope that someone will eventually inform us of his burial ground. I agree with the majority of people that suggest it’s highly unlikely that my father would be alive; nevertheless having confirmation of his body would give all of us closure.

The mind is a powerful thing, which can lead you to believe your own hype. Mohamed Omar Osman was invited to join the ONLF and help his people. However his ability to control his greed and political ambitions could not be tamed. In this case both Mohamed Omar Osman and Abdirahman Mahdi knew exactly what they were doing and to think that they could just get away with murdering Ogaden people. The findings of my research has shown that these men has never set foot in Ogadenia for many years even though there has been many opportunities and spends most of their time in Eritrea ordering malicious kills of innocent Ogaden civilian. Therefore I urge the Ogaden people to fight this injustice and get rid of these men from our homeland. Furthermore I advice all the Ogaden people to not get divided by this cruel man, we will stand united and achieve our goals of a peacefully Ogaden.

Sagal Dolal

By Rasaas