Sun. May 22nd, 2022

President of Jubaland state Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed Islam (madobe) visits in Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia and the political base of Au Madobe’s visit in two days will veil the truth of the conflict in Mogadishu and Kismayo.

The moderate warrior dissident politician who driven out and uprooted Al Shabab fighters from his town was elected as president of jubaland state but challenged him Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mahmud as warrior.

The soft-spoken polite politician Mr. Ahmed Islam has never challenged in politics before with president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh, but he has resisted to defend the right of Jubaland people to make their own autonomous state. Mr. Islam maintained making stability and peace to Jubaland state, unfortunately Somali president refused to recognise this new state and began new conflict which caused the death of 75 person over hundreds wounded.

President Ahmed Islam decided to challenge president Hassan of Somalia in politics to show his mistakes to the neighboring countries these put lot of stabilisation effort to Somalia. President Hassan failed to fight Al Shabab, but he spends money starting new conflict in Somalia.

President Ahmed visited Nairobi where he met Kenyan officials those recommend president of Somalia to recognise the new state of Jubaland. Somali president refused the Kenyan advice and called to withdraw its troops while they are supporting in Jubaland state.

President Ahmed Islam is in Addis Ababa for two days seeking support from Ethiopia, European union and Embassies in Addis Ababa. Even Though Ethiopia did not recognised Jubaland state it has sympathy and prefers the  Somalia situation become stable. President Hassan has weak relation with the neighboring countries except Djibouti that Haasan receives morally and military support, Somali politician blamed it for playing tribal card. Djibouti minister of justice Arnaud had spoken on radio on behalf his regime told the media that his government will never accept Jubaland state without the led of Somali federal government.

Obviously, the roles of the external interference with specific strategic interest in influence are deteriorating stabilizing the country. Those led donors and Djibouti play games and eager achieving their post contracts.


By Rasaas