Sat. May 28th, 2022

May 26, 2013 РThe weak government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud beliefs can win, an Iririsim expansion ideology. It will be impossible to succeed  tricks for blindfolding politicians and misleading on the international donors, but it will return to the Somalia into another civil war.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud came the power of Somalia with bribes. He was a warlord in the 1990s and then did a dirty job of American spy after he had injured in Mogadishu tribal fighting.

We have witnessed his dirty tricks against with the Somali  parliaments in Mogadishu, who 94 members proposed to take the government vote of confidence. To stop this proposal, he used tribe security those stop for meeting had the members of the parliaments in Mogadishu Hotel. And also he had mobilized people of his tribe to demonstrate against motion the parliament wanted to take the vote of confidence for the government. In the other side, he organised tribal leaders to talk to the media to sabotage the work of the parliament and to hijack the truth and to mislead the country in wrong direction. He had used to pay a bribe for halting the motion, and he had won stopping the motion as he had won in the election.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud allied with dictator Isma, il Omar Gulleh of Djibouti who had denied accepting the result of the election of his country in this year and jailed many people, including the leaders of USN party. The Djibouti opposition member party told the media President Ismail committed recorded criminal, and he knows that one day after the power he will face to the justice, so intended to die in the power. Ismail Gulleh is hiding his problem to mix the Somalian civil war and wants to change his oppositions creating tribal condition in the Somalian people.

Somali government is misusing for the international donors’ money for bribing hardliners of the parliament and politicians. The government creates conflicts, and it is hampering tribal militia distributing the Al-shabby uniform to attack against the Jubaland state of Somalia. President Hassan has made a plan for protecting to the charcoal traders from the central Somalia to settle and dominate regions they had invaded during the civil war. This peoples already overtook farming land of the Juland farmers and occupied homes in Mogadishu, Marka and Kismayo.

The current Somali government is the most corrupted in the world. It uses disorganized media without having proper training. These media always work in tribal influenced mentality and attack neighboring countries and the Somali tribes.

The government lies the international donors and issued report far from the truth of the Somali culture. The government media broadcasts broadly child sexuality in the Somalia from the age of 5 to eight years. The target aims of this reports based on beginning funds from the donors to use other objectives and personal business.

However, the Mogadishu propaganda campaign against to Jubaland state will cause a new tribal fight. And already Mogadishu sent famous warlords, weapons and milia that it may begin imminent danger in Somalia.


By Rasaas