Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Jijiga, May 13, 2013 – Third groups of the government staffs taking public relation course are opened training about understanding leadership at Jijiga community College.

The seminar was about learning leadership and intended to increase the knowledge of employees working the development offices in districts to boost understanding leadership style and the community management role to the senior offices.  To achieve the government target of development it is crucial to equip knowledge to the civil servant.

Government senior cabinets attended at the ceremony held for the training staffs.

President Abdi has attended at ceremony as usual he addresses on the gathering ceremonies. He urged the staffs taking this training to benefit this seminar to pass what they have learnt from to the community. Continuing on speaking he said, “you are third group get chance to take this seminar, which intended to educated senior staffs from the districts within the region.

The staffs taking this seminar were come from all the 68 districts in the nine regions and four administration towns in the Somali state.

Majority of the employees working in the Somali state are young and inexperienced people, for this the central government intensified crash training to all the senior and junior staffs working within the region for the last three years.


By Rasaas