President Abdi Mohamoud Omar Met with The Prime Minister Of Somalia


President of Somali state Abdi Mohamed Omar took meeting with the Somali Prime minister Abdi Farah Sidcon in Addis. Somali prime minister and his foreign affairs are visited in Ethiopia to attend IGAD briefing.

Meeting of the two leader was held at Sheraton Hotel on Friday April 5, 2013. They discussed to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and their interest,  including;  immigration and border control, business, security and to remain Ethiopian military in Somalia.

The two leaders understood the Ethiopian enhance of military support  and stabilization in Somalia and removing the terrorist group of Al Shabaab regions still they are hiding.

They also mentioned articles about allowing people to build their regional administration smoothly and a transparent way with the support of federal government.

President Abdi gave hints to the Somali prime minister Shirdon, how it is successful with the Ethiopian federalism system for the nine province and two city administrations.