Plea From Somali Diaspora


Ban Ki Moon:United Nations Secretary General Boni Yayi, Chairman of the African Union Catherine Ashton,The European Union foreign policy chief Judge Sang-Hyun Song.

President of International Criminal Court Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, President of the T.F.G. of Somalia Shedding light on the truth of the Somali civil war.

You’re Excellencies,
First, allow me to convey a heartfelt gratitude from the Somali Diaspora, to you and the world bodies you represent, for your unforgettable effort to reinstate the failed state of Somalia back to the community of nations, followed by a brief and precise recap and recommendation.
You’re Excellencies, after the collapse of the Somali republic in 1991, the wars which began as struggle for control of the government quickly degenerated into armed robbery and occupation of valuable towns, seaports, neighborhoods, and agricultural arable by conquering clan militias. As a result of that, patterns of clan settlements have changed mainly in the urban and farming areas such as Mogadishu, Juba Valley (Kismayo), and Lower Shabelle in the south.
Equally in the northwest regions best known as ‘Somaliland,’ a secession-mania clan based in Hargeisa (the regional headquarter), spared no time to divide the country unilaterally through the colonial demarcation. But luckily enough, the other clans in Sool, Sanag, and Awdal regions within the northwestern division, along with the Somali people, vehemently opposed the idea right away, leading to a persistent confrontation between the two camps since.

Thus, competition for control of power and resources in the south, and separation of Somalia through colonial surnames in the northwestern regions, has significantly prolonged the conflict with new conquerors consolidating their grip on occupied lands, bashing out any peace initiative that may impact their pillages. In evidence to that, when the Transitional Federal Government announced the enactment of the internationally assisted draft constitution for Somalia, those same captors unabashedly rejected the draft with unfounded blistering attacks faster than the
speed of light as they have been before and continue to be; with a sole objective of to derail any effort, “God forbidden” their obstruction this time.
In addition to these, for its part, the UN and the international community, those involved in the Somali civil war, missed to understand the nature of the conflict and the tribal imbroglio early on. The most erroneous aspects in this regard includes: (a) accepting fakery representation of one clan over others, as in the case of Somaliland, where one clan out of four dominates the rest, and thus monopolizing resource (aid) to silence them in order to promote a delusional agenda of separation, (b) equally unfair, is lack of explicit differentiation between the 70% peace lovers of the population and the remaining 30% pathological wrongdoers, where the victim shares typical blame with the victimizer, as why this brutal civil war is taking too long!

To me, this is an important matter that the international community needs to explore further and thereby deal with each part accordingly.
Your Excellencies, after two plus decades of savagery civil war and tribal rivalry become the central fact of nation existence; in which many thousands of citizens lost their lives, millions lost their homes and property, and hundreds of thousands were either forcibly displaced within what had once been a stable country or involuntarily exiled themselves from the worst mayhem in the 21st century thus far; and, after15 failed reconciliation conferences due to obstructive action carried on by the same opponent of the current draft constitution. Somalia is once again in a decisive moment of make or break.

You’re Excellencies, the verdict of Slobodan Milosevic and the most recent one of Charles Taylor represents a substantial step forward for international justice: even if a state is too destabilized or weak like Somalia, to put a one-time rulers or anyone believed to have been complicit in crimes against humanity on trial, there exist international mechanisms to do it.

Therefore, in order to bring to an end, the long suffering of the Somali people, we hereby solemnly recommend that the Somali peace predators and their accomplices, including those blockading the ongoing peace efforts or presiding over the disintegration of the country, should be dealt with, in the same manner that the aforementioned notorious criminals were dealt with, though there is indifference between the two.

Thank you all
Farah H (Kolley)