Package found near Ethiopian Embassy in Moscow turns out to be homemade bomb


Ó÷åíèÿ ñïåöèàëüíîãî àíòèòåððîðèñòè÷åñêîãî ïîäðàçäåëåíèÿ ÑÊÓÂÄÒThe suspicious package found near the Ethiopian Embassy in downtown Moscow late last week appeared to be a homemade bomb, a source from the law enforcement authorities said.

The package with a cell phone attached to it was found near garbage containers in Orlovo-Davydovsky Side-Street not far from the Ethiopian Embassy and kindergarten No. 1257 last Friday, he said.

A water cannon of the Federal Security Service destroyed the package, which was later taken to a laboratory for examination.

Tests showed that the package contained three plastic tubes filled with approximately 400 grams of pyro-powder and raw-bolts.

The bomb had a detonator which could have been controlled remotely by the cell phone.

Voice of Russia, Interfax