Sat. May 21st, 2022

The newly established district of Korahae region, Mersin is doing better advance, in building infrastructures than other older districts, said by Governor Ahmed Abdi Ahmed.

The Somali state authority increased the number of districts in the region two years ago, according to the population and land distant from town to town to make better living conditions of the people.

Within age of two, Marsin district shows a sign of improvements and made lots of change such as; infrastructure, social mobilization and investment. The descendants of Mersin from abroad input money and participation in the development projects and they want to compete in a beauty and better living older districts in the Korahae region and overall Somali region.

The governor of the district Ahmed Abdi Ahmed told the ESTV, they had completed now several water points and in short period they will conclude crush projects run in the district such as; building for guest house, conference hall, building Police station, building HQ of the district and High School.

Completing these projects will reduce the unstable life and moving nomadic lifestyle adopted by this society in early days. And will make better off for livelihood conditions in the Marsin community and related area; those being in survival condition for long.

By Rasaas