Sun. May 22nd, 2022

CaynsaneA prisons Chief commander, Caynsane Sheikh Mohammed has been removed from the position of the prisons guard police commissioner of the Somali region and transferred as head of the Gode prison guard.

Mr. Caynsane held this position for the last nine months, previously he was general secretary of Nogob region. Mr. Caynsane started his career within government services as Liyuu Police for several years, after which he joined civilian service management in mid-2011.

His demotion came after a special committee meeting (local name game-game) held at the presidential building. The committee found that  Mr. Caynsane released prisoners from the jail without authorisation.

Many prisoners have been held in jails illegally without going through standard justice procedures. Most detainees are innocent juveniles collected from all the districts in Somali region and are accused of affiliation with the pro- rebel group, ONLF. The Ogaden National Liberation Front is fighting for self- determination of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia.

Some officials holding top positions in the Somali regional administration are illiterate  with no background or experience of public service. Prior to their appointments, they were members of the paramilitary militia, locally known as Liyuu Police.

By Rasaas