Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Somaliland tycoon Xaaji Abdi Awad Ali (Indha Deero) has been awarded an exporting contract license for livestock from the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Somaliland authority had been lobbying the Somali regional authority to rebuild and maintain a good relationship. The ties between the two parties had been broken due to quarrels rooted in clan tension. During this strained period, Somaliland military crossed the border and killed several Liyuu police.

Somaliland authority made and maintained a close relationship with the federal government of Ethiopia during the last two decades. These relations were channeled through Ethiopian military commanders operating in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The relationship was a special deal intended to marginalise the indigenous Somali region population and benefited a small group of settlers who live on a portion of the border and share close blood-ties with Somaliland.

The Somaliland authority have refused a dialogue with the Somali regional authority about these border tensions. President Silanyo flew to Addis Ababa with a dossier of  accusations against the Somali regional President. Silanyo was put in an embarrassing situation when he was told to respect the position of the Somali authority by the late prime minister Meles Zenawi.

The relationship remained tenuous and cut off commercial activities between the two regions due to the border tensions. The Somaliland authority has been unable to bear the economic contraction brought about by this political impasse. Unexpectedly an opportunity to normalise relations came after the death of Dhoodaan, the greatest Somali poet, when Somaliland officials, business leaders and poets arrived in mass to Jijiga to pay their condolences.

Since then, Somaliland celebrities, intellectuals, business and political leaders have been continuously travelling to Jijiga, the headquarter of the Somali region of Ethiopia. Among these Somalilanders, there are a number of them who have made connections with the top authority figures in the Somali regional state and have paid vast bribes to secure licences for Somaliland tycoons and other individuals eager to begin business activities in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

Offering Indhadeero a contract for exporting livestock licence annoyed local business associations dealing with animal exports. Public anger within Jijiga is widespread and these is much gossip in every corner of the town relating to the livestock exporting licence granted to the Somaliland tycoon.

Xaaji Abdi Awad Ali (Indha Deero) is a tycoon respected across Somaliland and who has created a livestock exporting business empire during the last two decades in Hargeisa, Berbera and Burco. The awarding of the livestock exporting license to Indhadeero is widely seen as political corruption and a misuse of public assets. The Indha Deero livestock empire is seen as an untraceable way to launder public money since Indha Deero is a foreign national.

By Rasaas