It Is, a Time to Divide Somalia in Small Nations As Declares Turkish State


Jijiga, April 15, 2013 – Somalia was without government for more than two decades. And its people went throughout the world to seek asylum refugees, particularly western countries.  Thanks for the countries whom gave moral and financial support with Somali people while they were that countries.

The second support got Somalis came from the African countries allowed Somalis to stay at those countries with moral support.

Somalia was the full member of Arab league and Muslim countries over many years. It hosted meetings discussed affairs of these unions. Unfortunately, the collapse nation of Somalia these unions and member states shuttered doors from the suffering people without government.

Somali tirelessly was attempted finding solution for treble situation shaded their country and putting aside all their differences to bring back their dignity. It was not easy re-establishing the state, because of the foreign interferences and special interested on those groups.

The sequences’ transitional federal governments brought at last a permanent government, which still need foreign support for military and money to stand itself.

After collapsing central government, Somalia divided into regional autonomous, separatist, terrorist groups, fight for choosing a system of government for federalism and centralizing still wide on division. And the newly elected inexperience leadership will may not manage to make unity without getting support from academics, Scholars, intellectuals and tribal leaders.

The Muslim countries looking for their own interest the regions are widening the division of the Somalia. Turkish state has a clear vision for interference to the Somali affairs, and it will hijack the political maneuver of Somalia. The end of last year, It sent a huge humanitarian aid and supporting group the capital; those already have their in hand’s brooms and started sweeping streets of Mogadishu. Turkish had airlifted hundred of Somali Juvenals to study in Turkey for scholarship, and Turkish airline started flights to Mogadishu.

Unfortunately, Turkish government concentrated on Mogadishu community only due to the lack of understanding or not it mighty not flowed Somali political situation for two decades. Mogadishu was not the capital of Somalia for the last twenty-two years, but was and is it now for the Somali tribe town.

Blindness in politics in the horn, the government and its generosity aids went to one town were complained by the Somali; intellectuals, academics and other tribal controlled regions. And Instead of recognizing its mistake, Turkish politicians took another wrong role that could wider the division throughout the country.

Ankara host recently conferences with two Somali groups that treated as a two countries was created angry with the Turkey politics.

Policy observers believe that Turkish actions toward Somalia  came after British involvement for Somalian peacemaking. British was a part campaign some Europeans blocked Turkish to gain a full membership of European Union. The sudden Turkish involvement in the politics of horn of Africa is an indirect attack of British policy to Muslim country in strategic location.

Turkish Politicians are dividing Somali nation into two parts by revenging to the refusal of European union membership.