Sun. May 29th, 2022

It is with heavy hearts that all members of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia community in Qatar are collectively sending condolence message to Sheikh Ibraahim Shiekh Muxumed [the ex-leader of UWFLF that signed peace with Ethiopia], over the death of his loving father Sheikh Mohumed Hajji Hussein today.

Sheikh Mohumed Hajji Hussein is one the most valuable contributors teaching in Islam and one of our knowledgeable brothers and teachers.

We pray almighty Allah forgive Sheikh Mohumed’s short comings and admit him into al-jannah firdous.

Our heart goes to you, our brother. We believe you will find your strenght in Allah at this period.

01. Sheikh Mohame Askar Khalif
02. Mohamed Hakim sheik Mohumed
03. Sheikh Ahmed khalif sheikh Abdi-wahaab
04. khadar Abdullahi Shuriye
05. Ahmed Sharif Sheikh Abdi-wahaab
06. Sheikh Mohamed sheikh Ahmed khalif
07. Sheikh Nour Moalim Mohamed
08. Abdisalam Moalim Mohamed
09. Sectray Geileh Farah Abdile
10. AbdiSamed Mohamed Rasas
11. Ahmed Nour Bedal Moursal
12. AbdiResak Takhal
13. Ahmed Nour Mohamed Mohad
14. Ahmed Somane
15. Ahmed Sahane Abdi
16. Salah AbdiSamad
17. Dahir Abdi Baad
18. Hussein Abdi Wali
19. Nour Suldan Korane


By Rasaas