Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

imageJijiga, April 13, 2013 – “ health bureau shortfall on service it should provide to the populated town of Jijiga, Somali regional state,” said a reporter. The health bureau without regulation cannot cope with huge demand from health service.

The Somali authority institutions are working hardly, and it attempts to improve the shortfall services within the region such as; clean water, education, healthy and security. However, without regulating working system it will remain jobs uncompleted as exist as in Jijiga, the preferred and over secured town of the region.

Jijiga, is populated town; it is impossible the health service bureau to deliver all the service need the society, because the scarcity of availability of qualified doctors and nurses or limited health resource. To fill in the health service gap the federal government itself  licensed professional doctors to open private clinics, these work in all the country. Unfortunately, the Somali state health bureau does not give supervisory for regulations and guidelines to these clinics.

The owners of the clinics operating in the Somali region are useless greedy understood that the Somalis are careless and the law of Ethiopia does not work this region. The objectives of these clinics opened here in Jijiga are seeking profit maximization, and they did in fact. Doctors are making lots of money without caring illness, whether they were traveled from other towns or in Jijiga to buy money their health.

The question is, do the patients get services they need from the private clinics or they are wasting their money?

I was visited some private clinics in Jijiga and asked patient’s same questions about the service provided. And some of them came out clinics with furious blaming to the government.

All private clinics use in same procedures to get a hand full without categorizing patient’s complaints illness, whether they are babes or old ages and whether they have cold or TBs.

First session patients have to pay 30 Birr, soon without asking preliminary questions the doctor writes on a message to desk note printed his name to the laboratory inside the clinic to diagnose patient’s Stool, Urine and Blood test this procedure is wrong, and it does not work throughout the world any more.

There is a conventional health checking for patient’s complaint that has three faces; first seeing on bare eye the patient’s complaint. Secondly, doctors feel on touch the patient’s complaint part from the body, thirdly and last option is diagnosing a patient’’ complaints.

The laboratory brings back the result of diagnosis to the doctor within a short period. The patient already paid huge for diagnosis cost [around 500 Birr]. Patient are waited outside for hours before allowed to see doctor again. Then, the doctor prescribes several medicines to the patient and gives another note for diagnosis images of computer for the body which costing patient about 1200 Birr.

I checked prescriptions for some patients, and all had carried on same medicines. I interviewed individuals of Jijiga dwelling, how do they see private clinics operating their town? They told me that all was blood suckers they came here to collect money not cure people, and we hope the government to find out and remove from the Somali region.

Government of the Somali region gave guidelines to the Imams praying in mosque, but forgot the most important thing for human being, the health service that private doctors practice without regulation and guidelines. These doctors kill weekly innocent people for medicine misconducts and buried without question’s reasons.


By Rasaas