Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

522The good people of Jubaland are now fully aware that the regime at Villa Somalia is using every possible tool to undermine the political progress of Jubaland State, and the reason is simple, the gangs of so called Villa Somalia are just the remnants of USC.

They are hiding behind the Ugandan force and outrageously pointing fat fingers to both Jubaland Administration and Kenyan Defense Force (KDF). Another surprise political development was that when Ulusow insulted and singled out the KDF at the AU-submit in Addis Abbab. This is his most recent arrogance and foolishness of diplomatic suicide which signals his political mystery downfall!

The groundless accusations from the regime against Jubaland State and KDF are nothing more than very old clan minded, ignorance and political incorrectness. Surely, history will tell that dictators likes Hassan-Ulusow will go down the very bad chapter of the Somali political story.

We the people of Jubaland are very confidence that the Jubaland State of Somalia will be a good example for the rest of the Somali provincial states, in terms of economic development, political evolution, social, and peace and security.

Mr. Ulusow your governing policy is just a bad, problematic and backward, but the people of Jubaland will NOT go back to the Dark Age. The people of Jubaland simply want peace and development but your government policy of abusing power and opposing Somali federal charter is just in favor for Al-shabaab atrocities and allowing Moryaan-Business of illegal-checkpoint (Spaaro), raping women and endangering young Somali generation which we all firmly rejected.

Mr. Ulusow said, he will not accept less than his reckless agenda and make it clear that he will bring the people of Jubaland under his foot by force and appoint an interim governor from his-clan by him! His agenda is very clear; holding the will of the people of Jubaland hostage by a bunch of USC- remnants in Villa-Somalia.

Unfortunately, he refused to realize that the fruit of his naïve action will only yield the renewal of the dark-memory in Somali history – the clan bloodshed that was started by his own clan on December 31st, 1990.

In response to Ulusow’s clan-war-drama, the people of Jubaland have came together and make it clear that if you do not accept Jubaland State as a Somali Provincial State, we will simply NOT recognizing you as well! If you deny our constitutional rights, the very next elected Somali president will surely honor Jubaland State and there are numbers of hopeful individuals who are already campaigning for it.

Eng. Adow Nurow

By Rasaas