Sat. May 28th, 2022

105005999-map-theJijiga, May 27, 2014 – ┬áThe regional authority halted unofficially for all the development projects under construction due to the short funds. According to diaspora people returned from a visit, they went to the Somali region for observing stability.

The Somali regional administration did not speak officially about halted projects, though there is no activity on the ground.

The projects stopped because of under funds were estimated over 15 including; airport, sand road, dumps and water wells.  Kebri dehar airport is among the projects severely blow the lack of funds and the federal government rejected to offer any budget amendment.

Ethiopian federal government claims that already has amended twice the Somali regional budget during this year. It says, cannot afford this time for assisting extra budget to the administration, while itself borrowed money from the public for adjusting financial deficit projects of the federal level.

The Somali regional administration suffers corruption and mismanagement annually. And most of the budget intended to the poorer community went into the wrong hands such as; the military commanders in the region and some members of the federal government receive shares of corrupted money in a form of bribes.

Extreme corruption and lack of accountability in the region undermined any progress it could achieve. A massive cash flow density can be felt at the centre of the authority Jijiga, where influx groups of Diaspora guest searching for hand full of liquidity gets from the administration.

By Rasaas