Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Jijiga, Feb 19, 2012 [ras] – The Ethiopian opposition group scorched down School and health centre at Tukaale Village, Korahae zone in the Somali regional state of Ethiopia.

The rebel opposition made an attack to the village on February 12, 2012 at midnight as the people in Tukaale were sleeping.

According to the local people three or four rebel members came in the village late in the night where they were burnt down completely the only health centre and School in there then abducted the security guards.

The Ethiopian government labelled a terrorist list to the rebel group in the Somali state, while it observed the barbaric action of the rebel against to the civilians and public properties.

The rebel group funded by the Eritrean regime are interrupting the living way of the nomadic people in the ogaden region. The rebel group aired periodically Internet propaganda, which is completely different in its real action in the ground.

Villagers told that the rebel opposition had weakened and not able to conduct ay attack to the villages at day light, but fortuitous come on hide during the night and burn unattended public properties. Such as; water generators, electric generators, health centres, ambulances, civilian vehicles and sometimes rape lonely women.

The rebel groups abduct civilians who refuse to offer water and food by blaming them; they are in favour to the Somali regional administration and its police. The whole people in the Ogaden region [ogaden] have not been interested in support to the rebel opposition, since the main faction of the rebel made peace accord with the Ethiopian government, and the rest has seen as an enemy.

The villagers worried about their children’s education because the school was the only school in the area which the government built just two years ago. They said it will take time to rebuild the government our School.

By Rasaas