Ethiopian PM underlines need to address “joint responsibility” of migration


Ethiopian Prime Minister and African Union Chairperson Hailemariam Dessalegn described migration as an urgent global issue and a “joint responsibility” that needed to be resolved between the Arab and African regions.
Speaking to leaders at the Third Africa-Arab Summit in Kuwait he said that the issue needs an organised mechanism, expressing hope that an Arab-African committee tasked with the issue would be activated.
Both regions have witnessed many changes since the summit was formed in 1977, transforming from consumer to productive regions on the global scale, he said.
This obligates both to consider strengthening their strategic ties, he added.

As Africa has an abundance of agricultural and water resources, investment is needed in these sectors, along with food security.
This will take priority in our talks, as the Arab world can support initiatives towards this. As others have done so from Asia and Europe, so can the Arab world, he added.
He expressed confidence that the Arab world will support Africa from now until after 2015.
Other issues that required joint attention, he said, were terrorism, piracy and organized crime.
In conclusion, he said that the Arab world and Africa share many ties, particularly during the African nations’ fight for independence against colonialism, and he said that the theme ‘Partners in Development and investment reflect this keenness for cooperation.

For her part, Chairperson of the African Union Commission Dr. Nkasazana Dlamini-Zuma expressed here the desire of African countries to achieve full integration with the Arab world in all domains.
In her speech, she thanked His Highness the Amir for his commitment to achieve sought after Arab-African objectives and his initiatives that all pour into supporting the deep-rooted ties between the two sides.
She added that this summit reflects His Highness the Amir’s commitment to achieving economic, social, cultural and political integration.

She said that Africa is working to support the agricultural, transport, industrial, railroad, water and aviation sectors, adding that it it now time to benefit from the experiences of the Arab countries in these domains.
She added that some of the Arab and African countries have seen numerous conflicts and political unrest, saying this would necessitate that the two sides work harder to put an end to such chaos.
She expressed Africa’s commitment to implement all resolutions and decisions to be adopted by this summit to achieve aspirations of the Arab and African peoples in cooperation with the League of Arab States.