Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

OgadenAround the globe, there are protests in Oslo, Toronto, Edmonton, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Portland and Melbourne. After decades of marginalization, not even live bullets could stop the Oromo-Ogaden communities to resist Ethiopian occupation and demand their God-given rights of self-determination.

With newspapers, TV reports, radios, Facebook posts, twitter tweets.Starting protests against Ethiopian government from the United States.

Joint protests of the Oromo and Ogaden-joint communities have another long day in their protest in Australia.

Chanting with anti-Ethiopian slogans, carrying-signs and waving flags that represent Independence states of Oromia and Ogadenia states. The Ogaden Communities that joined with the Oromo Communities in their protests against the Ethiopian government’s killing of dozens of Oromo students spent several-hours of marching in front of the Parliament of Victoria to federation square, the very center of Melbourne down-town.

The protesters submitted petitions requesting from the Australian government to stop giving assistance to Ethiopian government that uses as an instrument to suppress the free press and a political weapon against its civilians.

Anti-Ethiopian protesters draw attention to the Ethiopian government’s suppression of journalists, activists and the freedom of communication.

Australia government representative,Adam Pant including another Representative whose name was not mentioned in the report were condemned the Ethiopian army brutality”, the report said.

Despite warning from the head of the Liyu Police,Abdirahman Labago’le, students of Jigjiga University are going ahead with plan to defy the ban on protest.

Ethiopian government believes that the protests had been promoted by “media within and outside the country” and regards as backed by the powers that have an intention of “an evil intent”.

According to Intelligence sources, Tigray Peoples Liberation Front, TPLF, the dominant faction of the EPRDF coalition in Ethiopia worried about Tigray, while the regime is quietly disintegrating before the 2015-election.

Officials from the most powerful Ethiopian opposition groups, Ogaden National Liberation front and the Oromo Liberation Front, have been conversing amid the increasing tension in Ethiopia, even though they have met several times in abroad in this year, so many things about what they have discussion still left unknown.


Source: Ogadentoday

By Rasaas