Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Sharjah,  Apr 2, 2014 – An Ethiopian housemaid in Sharjah who works for an Emirati family served them lunch with crushed glass. She was, of course, found out and arrested by the police.

The incident happened when the head of the family, O.M, 40-years old, was the first to arrive home after a long day at work, and sat down to eat his lunch which consisted of rice and meat.

The father noticed that there was something suspicious in his food as soon he put the first spoon in his mouth.

He felt an unusual crunch in his rice when he tried to chew it. He became suspicious and picked up the plate to smell the food. He also used his fingers to feel the rice to figure out what was odd about it.

At first, the father thought that it could be sand, but to make sure he decided to go into the kitchen and check out the bag of rice he had bought earlier.

When he opened the bag of rice he noticed that there were small shiny things mixed with the raw rice. As he leaned forward to take a closer look, he realised that it was glass.

Immediately, he called the maid and asked her to explain what was happening.

She admitted that she had crushed some glass into tiny pieces and mixed them with the rice.

Then her sponsor asked her, “Why on Earth did you do it?”

The housemaid shrugged and said that she wanted to harm the family.

The day before, the mother of the house, had asked the maid to wash her hands before dealing with food. And, that may have triggered her resentment.

O.M. informed the police, which came soon after and questioned both the sponsor and the maid.

O.M. assured them that they family had never mistreated the maid, and that he was glad that he had figured out the danger before his children and his wife could get hurt.

Sharjah Police has arrested the maid and is pursing legal proceedings against her.

By Rasaas