Wed. May 25th, 2022

To eliminate ONLF fighters and control movement lifestyle of the nomadic people in the region the Somali region state recruited thousands of local police.

The government offering medication to the animal with count and then asking money owners that they called tax on the animal and will pay in every year. This action makes angry many people including urban people those their living themselves depend on the animal.

The animal herds in the Ogaden region has freed from the government control and government also has no obliged looking after the wellbeing of the nomadic people and their animal for long. This nomadic lifestyle  is exist in all over the horn of Africa, particularly Somalia speaking society.

The nomadic life controlling method bring by the Ethiopian government with Somali regional State will diminishing present of the nomadic people in the Ogaden soil they will flee to the neighbouring countries where life controlling does not exists.

Worrying information from the region say that many of the nomad groups sent delegates for searching neighbouring nomad to host share water and grasses. This method is fame in the Somali nomad society giving refugee and sharing everything with the tribe gave asylum.

However, before the government conducting this programme it should study the nature of the nomad and understanding overall the people and how they see and react the government development programme. Without doing these it will face lose a huge wealth and create enemies.



By Rasaas