Sat. May 28th, 2022

Osman CadaanAugust 21, 2013 – Stubborn opposition rebel function led by general Mohamed Osman had failed to prove principles it had believed in more than two decades, that killed its cause in many people.

Disclosed information, but received on a reliable resource confirmed its fact revealed that Kenyan politicians had staged on bringing in involved parts to end the conflict in the Somali state of Ethiopia.

Mediators were visiting in Addis Ababa and Jijiga in a past week to persuade Ethiopian leaders the peace message from the rebel.

The rebel had been in political turmoil for many years and failed to solve out differences between the leaders in the organisation that undermined its objective and resulted ending lives of top members. Since, then  they were losing confidence of the grass root supporters those frustrated in political direction of the organization.

The ONLF inspired icon Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal, who ONLF supporters regarded him as the father of the organization. He was killed in assassination action organised by general M O Osman on January 17, 2009.

Dr. Dolal’s killing, ONLF supporters reacted angrily and had seen an unholy slaughter, soon supporters had reached in peace agreement with the government by revenging general Osman mismanagement and criminalizing the struggle. The general Osman could not revive supporters of the organization except few people from his clan. Neither he could not get someone to replace him from the job he killed in many innocent people without alternative option, he had been remained in a leader of an inaction for several years.

Kenyan politicians made attempt ending in an isolation faced by general Osman and his group.First in person negotiation meeting between Ethiopia and ONLF scrape was held in Nairobi in 2012. Kenyan government attempted to make successful peace dialogue it initiated for parts. Unfortunately, the rebel group embarrassed Kenya’s attempts for making peace, while general Osman’s team walked away the negotiation table without good reason.

Now the general’s group initiated unconditional peace offer to Ethiopia a couple of Kenyan politicians to deliver Addis Ababa ONLF scrapes. An opposition group standing on last leg without choice soon it will surrender to Jijiga authority chaired ONLF hated man Cabdi Iley.

Without peace dialogue president Abdi Mohamud Omar has already secured stability and brought in economic perspective into the Somali state of Ethiopia. And he had repeatedly announced that they would welcome anyone from this region who want to participate security and development.

By Rasaas