Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Jijiga, June 5, 2013 – It has been awaiting for a long period to reopen Dr. Rashid’s clinic. It served people in the Somali state of Ethiopia, in particularly; Jijiga dwellers who now are happy to see again reopening the health clinic for children and mothers of  DR. Rashid.

The clinic closed one year ago, while the government demolished the Taiwan market site that reserved for public park, where Dr. Rashid Clinic located for many years.

Dr. Rashid is the most expert doctor in child clinics in the Somali State. He studied in Soviet Union in mid 70s and work for the best children’s hospital in Mogadishu in 80s.

At  beginning of the Somali civil war Doctor Rashid traveled to his home country to continue for caring children in need for his profession. He opened a private clinic for children and mothers at the centre of Jijiga.

Dr. Rashid’s practices were used providing medication and health consultation for Jijiga dwelling as well as people from other towns  throughout the region. Dr. Rashid clinic and other doctors working in the Somali state have reduced health costs for patients those normally travel to the Ethiopian highland for the sake of their children’s health.

The Closure of Dr. Rashid’s clinic demoralised many people living in Jijiga those use to take their children to Dire Dawn clinic for high costs and many efforts.

Reopening this  Dr. Rashid’s clinic will make happy many people worried about the closure of the clinic and the practical consultation of Dr. Rashid.

By Rasaas