Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Members of the Sitti region representing the Somali regional state of Ethiopia have openly rejected orders from Somali regional state president Mustafe Cagjar. Members of the Sitti region who opposed the president were informed to step down and the chief of security was ordered to carry out an arrest warrant for members who disobeyed his order.
The head of the security services himself rejected President Mustafe Cagjar’s order to arrest members of the Sitti region who had defied the president’s order.

The president’s orders, which were rejected by the security chief, created a rift within the Somali regional executive committee. The executive committee split after a disagreement at a meeting in which the dispute escalated.
All working relationships with the executive committee of the Somali regional administration have been suspended, and there is no consensus among the committee members.

When such issues arose, the Ethiopian federal government intervened in the past, and members of the executive committee were summoned to Addis Ababa for a hearing. There is still no order from the federal government to address the dispute within the executive committee of the Somali regional administration.

By Rasaas