Sat. May 28th, 2022

On behalf of a large swath of the Somali Diaspora, I would like to expresses my profound sadness and sincerest condolence about the perpetual losses of innocent lives caused by immature perpetrators in the town of Seemaal, and the similar aggressions preceded not too long ago in the same area. Of which I am extending my fervent prayer for those victims and their families, hopping that the unpleasant memories of this despicable act will soon replaced by good feelings about the many people, myself included who wish them well.

To that end, although no comfort is quite enough to replace the loss, I would like to suggest my point of view to the affected community (the Samaroon tribe), as how to quell, if not prevent the impact of such heinous attack from becoming far worst:

First, I vehemently encourage preservation in both words and deeds for the relative peace in that part of Somalia (the northwestern regions). This includes: forbearance from possible revenge at the times of agony like this, as the almighty God advised us in this verse and many others alike (خذ العفو وامر بالعرف واعرض عن الجاهلين).

Secondly, as one may think, my intention is not to intertwine the issue of ‘secession’ in the following paragraphs to the subject matter for political proposes. Rather I do see it as an inseparable factor that needs to be part of any public discourse. However, as we all know, ever since Somalia plunged into the ongoing anarchy, there was and still is an entrenched unilateral desire for secession in minds of the Isaac tribe. But despite profound separatism maniac, there is no any tangible ground of reasoning for that cause. For instance, the proponent’s strongest argument in this regard, is because of an atrocity committed by the inclusive late government of Somalia, in which event as a matter fact they themselves were not an idle sitting by, or an exception from the other tribes who were similarly affected as the regime tried to hold on power. Yet, the other victims are in uncompromised stand about the Somali sovereignty as one nation in turmoil but the Isaac tribe.
To my knowledge, however, this is not an acceptable international criterion to justify secession let alone the Somali people! But it’s said that “it’s easier said than done”.

Therefore, once again, I strongly urge you, the other tribes in those regions namely the Samaroon, the Dhulbahante, the Warsageli and the others, on the one hand to strengthen the relative calm you invented, and on the other hand not to outflank the rebounding Somali nation, by luring yourselves into the inescapable trap (the secession philosophy) of the Isaac tribe; as this will definitely devalue your voice for justice and that of the Somali unity as a whole had it succeed.

وبالله التوفيق

Farah H Kolley

By Rasaas