Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Militia backed Somali government, that headed warlord Hirale has been flashed out from Kismayo. Hirale was one of the vicious Somali warlords, and he had controlled Kismayo for ten years.

Somali government sent Hirale to Kismayo two months ago with a special mission. Mr. Bare was employed militias in an underground, he has been receiving money, and advice planned to capture the port city of Kismayo.

Ahmed Madobe was elected president in an assembly held at Kismayo on May 15, 2013, that was participated stakeholders from the three regions formed Jubaland state.

Flashing out Bare Hirale and his militias from Kismayo will increase in the frustration to the federal government has failed the second attempted to capture the port city.

President Hassan and his premier use hit and hide action to destabilize the Jubaland administration and take advantage of making new administration.

It is the unknown exact figure casualty of the two days fighting inside the town. The situation is calm and securing Jubaland state army walking in groups the streets.

The government could not hide its anger about the defeat militias of Bare. President Hassan sitting his office said that “he would send a team to bring Mogadishu the casualty.”

The administration’s trust with government had run out and without hailing it would be impossible to receive representative of Mogadishu.

By Rasaas