Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Jijiga, May 14, 2013 – For the last several months, the government started program giving to free vaccination for the third sweet milk domestic animals at outreach areas in the Somali State.

To implement program concerns on animal health issues the government deployed hundreds of professional veterinary doctors and police members trained on animal health had sent to outreach areas.

The vaccination campaign groups went on travel to different districts and locals to provide immunization thousands of animals such as; cattle, goats, sheep and camels. The campaigners already gave vaccinations for thousands of the domestic animal herd at Korahae, Liban, Shabeele, Faafan, Afdheer, Doolo and Shiniile regions.

The communities living in those regions gave many thanks to the Somali authority for caring service it provides to their animals, one nomad said, “government gave us water and free vaccination for our animals.” Many nomadic people stated that they had never got such a caring government for treating us and our animals.  Previous administrations, we just heard, but we did not see, and we did not know.   This government is touching our hearts by giving us kindness for caring services and showing responsibility.

Besides this, there are thousands of paramilitary forces known as new police and revenue staffs those are participating in this vaccination program for caring animals. Police members are securing safety for the doctors conducting animal vaccination and special revenue staffs.

The aim behind for the animal vaccination campaign is a head count to the domestic animal herd at the Somali State, to oblige animal owners to pay tax for camel cost of EB 100, cattle 50, sheep and goat 25  per head annual.

The government at beginning did not inform well this program to the nomadic people, but hide that aim was taxed after vaccination for the animal. Unfortunately, the nomadic people discovered the truth and alerted others those have not given vaccination yet their animals. And suddenly many nomads have deserted from the areas carried on animal vaccination.

Some nomadic have refused deliberately to have the vaccine their animal and confronted with the doctors and revenue groups, then police have intimidated and arrested animal owners. The authority ordered Police and vaccine groups to halt vaccination until a dry season is coming, while nomadic people can be forced to vaccinate their animal and pay tax.

This is truth rather than rumors. The government mismanaged the unmistakable vaccination program caring to the domestic animal in the Somali State.

By Rasaas