Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The weak government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has failed to implement peace and reconciliation plans of Somalia, but it deteriorated the situation and could not be able sharing in positive attitude policy with the neighboring countries.

The last week’s fight broke out at port city of Kismayo brought loss of lives and injuries, including innocent civilians and parts involved in fighting. The Jubaland administration blamed the latest conflict within the city involved by high rank officials of the federal government.

The government of Hassan Sheikh were dividing in resident of Kismayo for unknown objectives. Hassan Sheikh has sent a couple of dozens of his political allies to Kismayo. Those stayed the town three weeks for just this mission. Politicians caused to occur this fighting headed by the minister of the federal defense Abdikarim Hajji Fiqi, whom deserted the town with regret because of incomplete of his mission.

There are no doubts about his involvement with awful matter, but the question is what step will take the Somali parliament from this minister abused his position. The fights he organized were killed more than 20 people and wounded 60 people and loss of wealth.

Abdikarim has American citizenship where the law allows persecution of the criminal wherever in the world they committed in crime. As we heard already the members of the war victims’ families in the united states have processed filing criminal accusation against him.

In Nairobi, some people lost members from their family have contacted Kenyan law firms. They put several politician names, including Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who condemned they were behind the occurred Kismayo conflict.

All  international eyes focused Somalia and its present 20,000 AU troops, UN envoys, human right watch and representatives of individual countries. Those are detecting violence individuals and people who killed nineteen American soldiers in Mogadishu in 1993. Intelligence investigating to find out crime evidence of the survived warlords, terrorist groups and anyone commits or involves a mistake at present.

Being an American citizen and Minister of defense Abdikarim Hajji Fiqi has committed serious crime knowingly the responsibility. He organized violence group, distributed weapons and ordered them to fight in gun fire at populated town of Kismayo.

By Rasaas