Ahmed Sheikh Is Facing to Jijga


Dr. Ahmed Sheikh was one of the long servings in the Somali state, and was a political critic of the President Abdi Mohammed Omar. For the last two years, Dr. Ahmed was lived in Nairobi as exile.

Dr. Ahmed Sheikh is an educated and liberty loved among few intellectuals worked in the Somali State, and lost his job in 2010, in few months later while Abdi Mohammed Omar named president. Within days, Dr. Ahmed removed his name from the list of the parliamentarians.

Dr. Ahmed Sheikh assumed that sequence actions were in preparation of imprisonment, and he escaped to Addis Ababa, where he then could not trust it will be a safe place for him.

Dr. Ahmed Sheikh returned to Addis Ababa at an end of the last year while some form of trust built by unknown source behind Ethiopian politicians.

Since mid last year, President Abdi Mohamed Omar began for changing an old attitude and sought a real reconciliation to hold in the region among politicians and old political enemies, he said repeatedly “I want your forgiveness because I am human.” And in fact, he had achieved a good job for building capacity, mobilizing civilian forces, look after cabinets to work and bringing back many diasporas to their soil to be part in fighting for reducing poverty and to change conflicts into peace atmosphere.

The return of Dr. Ahmed Sheikh to Jijiga now is part of courageous policy took  by the President Abdi Mohammed Omar and the federal government of Ethiopia.

Few years ago, Ethiopia was known as a country of conflicts, officials wherever they travel in the world faced demonstrations against them. All we were witnessed two-day ago at London’s conference for Somalia, prime minister Hailemariam desalegn and his huge delegates attended at the conference got warm welcome to Ethiopian community in London.