Abdirizak Dahir Budul: Big Transformation in the Somali Region of Ethiopia Since the Signing of the Peace Agreements With ONLF and UWSLF.


Since the signing the historic peace agreements with ONLF, UWSLF, we have seen a tremendous transformation in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. The are few things that are improving such as security, development in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The last two years security has improve due to the historic signing peace agreements with rebel fighters from ONLF, UWSLF. 

The political wing, the military wing of ONLF, UWSLF members are now taking part in the rebuilding process of the Somali Region of Ethiopia. Members of the ONLF, UWSLF are part of the current administration and in the cabinet led by President Abdi Maxamud Cumar. With his leadership plus the cooperation from the UWSLF ONLF , thing are changing for the better. Interms of security, today people in the region can move freely from cities, towns freely with out worring about any fighting taking place. 
The population are now taking transportion to any where they chose to go with out any escort by military police to cities and towns. Major citites in the Somali region of Ethiopia like JIGJIGA, DHAGAXBUR, FIIQ,QABRIDAHAR, Goday are changing for the better. With the leadership of President Abdi Mahamud Cumar, we have witness significant development in the Somali Regional State. 
The state is building new of health centers around region every month on top of the ones already in operation. The government is also building new roads and bridges every month for acces. In addition, We have witness just this week that the NGO group of G8, UN have visited the region. The executive committee of United Nations went to the Somali region to see in their own eyes what is happening in the region.
 They met with the regional president Abdi Mahamud Cumar. They discuss many issues in the region and also the president thank them for all the help for his people. The group of G8 later visited many different places and were impress by the development. The UN promise on their part to the presedent that they will double the aid giving to the people of the Somali Regional State. In ending, the people in the Somali Regional State have finished the best two years of region. The people for this region need to continue to work for better years a head.

By Abdirizak Dahir Budul