Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

The Oromo Liberation Army (OLF) says it has launched new offensives in eastern Ethiopia, particularly in the mountains around the towns of Herar and Dire Dawa where OLA has confirmed attacks. On the other hand, the Oromo people supporting the OLA have set up roadblocks on the road connecting all the eastern cities of Ethiopia and the capital Addis Ababa such as; Babil, Awadey, Haramayo, Herar and Qolube.

The new tensions in eastern Ethiopia, led by the Oromo Liberation Army, will be a blow to the federal government’s claimed victory in the war in northern Ethiopia with the Tigray Liberation Front.

The road connecting Oromia and Somali regions has been closed today, according to reports. Somali special forces have infiltrated the Oromo region and reportedly detained Oromo civilians. OLA-backed youths set up barricades along the tarmac road by cutting large rocks and trees. The intervention of the Somali Special Forces could create a new ethnic tension between Somalis and Oromos.

The 2016-2018 Somali and Oromo regional administrations were embroiled in ethnic and territorial disputes that left one million internally displaced people in the Somali region for more than three years.

By Rasaas