Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Angry and well-organized crowds of people roamed government offices refusing to open at all. The offices refused to open include the Sitti regional administration office, Shinile district administration office, the regional court and the sharia court.

Violence in the Sitti region has escalated since the resignation of Governor Mohamed Mohamud Hadi (Geel-jire). Geel-Jire resigned after Somali regional government officials turned a deaf ear to the violence in the western Sitti region.
Several bureaucrats from the Sitti region posted on social media last week anti-President Mustafe Cagjar saying it was impossible for them to remain in office when their own people were being massacred.

Since then, there has been a popular uprising in the Sitti region against the administration of Mustafe Cagjar. The Somali regional government administration has been accused of backing down from an Afar offensive in the western region of Sitti.

Last Friday, Somali Regional State President Mustafe Cagjar appointed a new governor for the Sitti region, which was rejected by the public.

Meanwhile, Afar forces took control of Madane village in Sitti region this morning, after an attack by armed forces on a vehicle carrying Dashikayas.
Repeated protests against President Mustafe Cagjar have been going on since Friday across the region and in Dire Dawa.

By Rasaas