Sat. May 21st, 2022

Ethiopian workers are threatening to protest in Kuwait unless 1,000 cleaners sacked on Sunday are reinstated, according to Kuwait Times.

All of the cleaners worked for the same company and it has not been made clear why they were fired.

The workers, who risk being deported if they do not have a visa, which is linked to sponsorship by an employer, have filed a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, which is investigating.

The threat to protest followed a deadly riot in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night that also involved a significant number of Ethiopians.

Hundreds of mostly African men took to the streets of Manfuhah, a poor neighbourhood in the capital Riyadh in opposition to the kingdom’s crackdown on illegal workers following the end of a six-month amnesty.

Two people reportedly died, while about 65 were injured.

One of the two dead was a Saudi man hit in the head by a rock. The identity of the second person has not been revealed.

An Ethiopian man also was killed by a police bullet when officers attempted to round up a group of suspected illegal workers to be deported last week.

Saudi authorities have been raiding businesses and public places since the amnesty ended on November 3. At least 16,000 people have been arrested in the past week.

By Rasaas